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Pulse is designed to support you in



4 key areas.

IT & Shared Services

It's a story we have all heard before... The indicators are all green, yet the users don't perceive it that way!

Our service is designed to help utilise user feedback to address a number of key challenges:

Dispelling perceptions born out of a vivid incident


A vivid incident is a moment when it’s critical that something you need works. For example, say you needed a printout for an important board meeting and in that moment the printer didn't work, causing you high anxiety. This moment may have happened several years ago, but this experience drives your on-going perception of the service you receive. From then on, you unconsciously keep count of the things that go wrong. If asked in a traditional survey, a person with this perception will usually say that the service is not as good as it should be.


Unlocking people’s recall of the service they have received


A deep human trait we all have is how we remember things.  We tend to remember the extreme of things over a period of time. Therefore, when asked what our perception is, we will recall moments of either poor or great service. We tend to forget the days when actually it was good. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help when you periodically ask for feedback, or ask for feedback when a user is triggered to request help.



Overcoming unconscious, learnt behaviours


When people have a problem, the rule of thumb should be to ring the help desk, yet many problems continue to go unreported. Why? Our evidence demonstrates that people are unconsciously taught throughout their ongoing service experience. For example, when a person with a sporadic problem rings the help desk, the solution at that time might have been to reboot their machine. Consequently, they do this for almost every problem they then have rather than call the help desk. This adds to an undercurrent of perceptions that neither service professionals nor the service provider know about or can resolve.



Identifying problems that can be fixed in different ways, not just more technology


Creating an opportunity to get to the root cause can often unlock different solutions to a problem that aren’t just the default of more technology.  For example, people who attach large documents to calendars may not realise that this may slow down a calendar just when you need it. By understanding the day-to-day user behaviour, you can unlock other opportunities, like education or local user support or even the role of hidden expert users.

So how does Pulse help?

The Pulse IT and Shared Service Modules provide a number of benefits compared to other services.  Here are just a few:



  • Enables service users to provide concise and accurate feedback quickly and easily, empowering IT professionals to spot and resolve problems that previously would have gone unreported to the help desk.
  • Allows IT professionals to utilise the feedback from service users that demonstrates the quality of the service they have received and in a language they understand.
  • Extracts user based insights that assist in the development and targeting of a range of user centred solutions, which in turn helps to improve the capability of both service users and the technology together.
  • Importantly, we also give them the ability to understand if any of these activities actually made any difference at all – did we truly fix your issue?
  • And because we utilise all feedback intelligently, our service then collates all feedback-data into pre-defined, re-segmented reports, real-time… giving managers and service providers access to real experience based insight as it happens.

It’s a common fear that people won’t want to feed back, the ‘why bother’ syndrome. It’s a simple premise… if you want people to feed back, then you have to care about their feedback. Once people see that you do, they will want to give you more.

Projects & Change

From our experience, two of the biggest challenges with designing and implementing successful change is getting an insight into how change is being received, and actively keeping people engaged in the change as it progresses… Pulse is the perfect technology to help you overcome these types of challenges.


Delivering effective change everywhere


70% of all change fails! In fact, many commentators say that change programmes often get caught by unforeseen barriers or problems that come to light too late in the programme to be addressed effectively. It doesn’t have to be that way…

Building a barometer of change


By utilising the champions of change out there across your organisation, you can build an effective barometer of the change as it happens. Just receiving feedback on two simple things is really effective – your role in the change and if you feel supported. This provides the champions of change with an active role in contributing to a board to shop floor barometer of change, helping  you to clarify how the change is progressing – quickly, simply… effectively.

Getting a true picture… not just that of the

vocal few


Change is often dominated by a select group of vocal individuals who have a specific perspective of the change. The challenge is often trying to figure out if their vocalisation is reflective of the rest of the organisation. Utilising Pulse, you can get a true picture of what people across the whole organisation really think about the change, especially those hidden in the silent majority.

Pulse helped us unlock issues that we would not have seen until it was too late

-HR Director, Housing Company

Creating live focus groups


As people provide their insight, it’s easy to identify those that are in different thresholds of the change. This enables you to create live focus groups with different people who have different needs, utilising their feedback in the process too. Importantly this has two effects. First, it enables people to be engaged in the change in a purposeful way leading to increased engagement. And secondly, it enables solutions to be created with people who are actually receiving the change!

Keep your change Pulsing

Getting the balance right!


With respect to change, the Pulse Change and Projects Module comes in 2 different configurations: ❶ A full user console that enables you to gather feedback across a number of key areas ❷ Pulse123 console that enables focused feedback in just 2 or 3 areas.

Full user console


❶ ❷


Pulse Companion App

Both of these configurations work together with the Pulse Companion App, to continue feedback on the move too.

Set up a quick poll… A one-off question that is instantly available to all or a select group, allowing them to reply straight away

User Experience

Tracking and understanding the complete User Experience …Real-time. There are many factors that inform the experience a user receives. But not every factor may affect everyone, and some factors may be more important than others...

Expectation of experience

User Experience

Emotional state of staff

Anticipation (what’s next?)

Emotional state of other users


Task/interaction required

Previous experience


...With Pulse, you can break away from a traditional blanket approach and

let your service users decide what is important to them.


Pulse is your Constant Journey Companion

Specifically designed for deep customer relationships across a complex or high needs-based experience.  Whether that's a maternity service, a care home or an installation project, Pulse is here to help.


The Pulse User Experience Module can easily and quickly be configured to match any specific aspect of a person's experience or journey. This can be changed at any one time, keeping Pulse fresh and relevant to their experience. It also allows you to evolve the service to correspond with your improvements, keeping the two carefully in sync.

This transforms feedback... making it insightful, timely and specific. Resulting in a highly customer centred experience!

A focus on… My Maternity Matters. Understanding the User Experience in maternity services

In the NHS, the Maternity Friends and Family Test aims to gather service user feedback along the maternity pathway at key intervals. The intention of this is to measure the quality of the service through the experience of the service users themselves, and in turn, translate that feedback into a set of indicators that can inform other service users.


It is common for that pathway to be mapped as a series of stages that look simple and straightforward…

My Maternity Matters provides you with the ability to gather and assess the feedback of all your service users – mums-to-be, dads or other family members… instantly, at the point of their experience. In essence, this provides you with an up-to-the-minute picture of your service at the key points in their journey aligned to Friends and Family as well as in additional key areas linked to your service improvement ambitions.

It provides us with a higher quality of feedback than other methods we have tried…

-Director of Midwifery

My Maternity Matters service is designed to give you flexibility in the support you require


In edition to our core services, we also provide you with a set of simple services which can be flexed to meet your needs.

Creative Engagement Services

Carefully designing the communication and engagement approach for Pulse in your organisation. Including, internal branding, communication materials and supporting mechanisms. If required,  it can also  involve helping you build Pulse into all your internal management structures, so that you can utilise all the insight very effectively.

Insight Analysis

A deep investigation into complex problems and issues raised by your customers or service users. This may also include developing a narrative that you can utilise with relevant parties eg. managers, staff, customers, etc... regarding the issues uncovered and how you intend to resolve them.


Engagement Management Services

A scalable service that monitors and analyses feedback on your behalf, acknowledging and responding to customers or service users, as  well as collating feedback and insights for you. This service can be delivered by a dedicated team, sized to match your needs.


Innovative Solutions

Helping you to creatively use the feedback and insights you have gathered to develop ideas and solutions through a co-creation and collaborative approach. This includes customising the process to your organisation, so you can run this approach time and time again.