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In Real-time

You can with Pulse!

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a live feedback tool.

Pulse is so much more than a survey tool.  It is a versatile technology that helps you to:

  • Understand what matters to ALL of your service customers everywhere, as it happens, when and where it matters the most.
  • Understand what their experience is like - the highs and lows, what’s working, what isn’t -  and see that contextually across the whole experience.
  • Share this insight quickly, effectively and dynamically with the people responsible for supporting and improving it e.g. managers, service providers, support staff, staff development, facility management, etc…
  • Identify and target investment in the right places and at the right time.
  • And, importantly, understand quickly if that investment made the difference that you actually wanted.
  • If you are searching for a technology that can help you focus on the real-time needs of your customers or staff,
  • then Pulse is the technology for you!

How does it work?

Pulse enables you to spot emerging problems and act before they take hold within your organisation

We provide organisations with the ability to gather and measure the true perceptions of their customers, staff or service users… instantly, at the point of their experience, quickly, simply and dynamically.

User's feed back as they experience service



Understand their experience

Feedback consoles:

Pulse manager:


We do this through a simple engaging feedback console that every person has access to, anytime they want to give feedback. This console allows a person to prioritise the areas they want to feed back on, enabling them to focus on the areas of the experience that are most important to them. Sometimes knowing what’s important to people is just as insightful as the feedback itself.

To help you understand their experience, we provide you with an intuitive dashboard, reporting and an analysis portal, called Pulse Manager.



In Pulse Manager you can:


Collect feedback from everyone, directly at the point of experience through the website or mobile app


Pulse collates, shapes and automatically categorises all the feedback data

Make Sense

Real time reports allow you to  assess the feedback, proactively, quickly and easily


Coming soon

Benchmark your company

against others around levels of engagement and insight

This allows you to...

Create personalised...





Using the insight to make informed decisions, highlight insights and trends and ultimately improve the service

Focus your improvement activities in the right place for the right people

Target communications to the right people, cutting out blanket and irrelevant communications

Send personal reports framing the service a user have received and for what they have feedback on

By using Pulse you can hear from every single person about the services they

receive, as and when they receive it… not just once, but all the time.

Why Pulse?

Our customers consider Pulse to be the real-time experience gathering tool.


Compared to traditional approaches that focus on retrospective perceptions from a cross-section of people, we believe the benefits are clear!




  • Retrospective - those completing a survey often forget the totality of their experience, falling victim to a ‘vivid incident’ or ‘poor recall’ which then preferences their feedback ratings.
  • Real time - enables feedback to be gathered throughout the whole experience, as it happens, when it is fresh and relevant to the moment.
  • Administrative heavy - managers often say that the underlying process of requesting, collecting and collating feedback is very intensive. What’s more, this process doesn’t allow for clarification of the feedback that is then received.
  • Simple analysis - undertakes quick and simple analysis with
  • auto-populated reports and charts. Plus, takes considered action to resolve possible service issues within the experience so it helps current/live service users too.
  • Analytically challenging - once the feedback is received, translating that data into something meaningful is often time-consuming.
  • Gather more insight! Pulse contains handy features like Quick Poll, which has the ability to send one-off requests for feedback on key issues, and many more…

Pulse is the solution of choice for...